Brand History

To know and understand some of Jamaica’s most iconic meals and snacks is to take a dive into our rich and diverse culture and people. From a small bakery in Jamaica to an internationally known retailer, the National Baking Company has remained steadfast in its commitment to providing quality, authentic Jamaican food to our people. At the heart of every Jamaican home are staples such as our National Spice Bun and Bulla with cheese and National Cream Crackers. Not to mention our hearty meals infused with a melting pot of flavours from our Jamaican Curry to our internationally acclaimed Jamaican Jerk seasoning.


A Taste of Jamaica was born from a vision here at the National Baking Company to share this nostalgia of our food and culture to our diaspora across the world, and for those who wish to dive into a new and exotic culinary experience.


Having started in the 1950s with just 9 bakers, 8 salesmen and a few vans and cars, we’ve expanded into a fully-fledged manufacturing plant dedicated to feeding the nation. As we expand our overseas distribution, we are working with companies all across Jamaica to provide a wide range of local products delivered to your doorstep.


A Taste of Jamaica brings that authenticity to those who are far away from our special rock. Delivering our products to all 48 contiguous United States, we provide the best local products to all lovers of Jamaican food. This is only the start of our journey in spreading the joy, warmth and passion of Jamaicans everywhere and we’re inviting you to join us as we continue to grow!

Our Products

We have something for every meal and snack that you’ll need to feel right at home. Taste of Jamaica provides all the delicious HTB and National treats that Jamaicans enjoy, in addition to fresh, locally made products from our various partners.


All our staff follow strict COVID-19 guidelines prescribed by the Ministry of Health & Wellness in order to safely deliver the finest products to our valued customers. This includes:

  • Heightened sanitization of our factories and workspaces
  • Practicing good hygiene, social distancing and the wearing of masks as stipulated by the government and company policy.
  • Regular employee health checks and strict quarantine procedures and protocols as stipulated by the government and company policy.