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Can’t decide what to buy from our extensive range of authentic cookies, biscuits, and other Jamaican products? Why not buy a Jamaican snack box online instead? Our Jamaican food bundles have been thoughtfully collected together to offer a selection of items that complement each other perfectly.

The only thing that can make a traditional spice bun better is to serve it with cheese. Our BUNanza Jamaican snack box comes with Penny Buns plus a National Spice Bun, as well as optional Tastee Cheese. Got a craving for some authentic Jamaican snacks? Try our Chachitas Jamaican snack box, packed full of Chachitas chips — the perfect Jamaican food box for family gatherings or movie nights. And if you’re having trouble finding traditional Jamaican cooking spices, make sure you grab our Spice It Up Jamaican food box, containing irresistible jerk seasoning, curry seasoning, and other popular seasoning mixes.

Shopping online for Jamaican snack boxes is easy

We make it easy for you to buy snack boxes online and have Jamaican food boxes delivered straight to your door. Got a question? Get in touch with us or shop our food bundle deals online today.

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