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  • Bulla, Spice + Everything Nice

    $ 19.80$ 30.50

    Which time-honored Jamaican “niceness” do you want? How about getting all of these sweet treats.

    2 – Penny Buns
    3 – Ginger Bulla
    3 – Spice Bulla
    1 – 17 oz Tastee Cheese
    2 – Kendel Ginger Tea (Sweet + Unsweetened)
    2 – Ginger Biscuits

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  • BUNanza

    $ 18.70$ 25.00

    Why choose one when you need both? Real bun lovers know you keep the spice at home and pennies for the road.

    3 x Penny Buns
    1 x 28 oz National Spice Bun
    1 x 17 oz Tastee Cheese (optional)

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  • Chachitas Product Pack

    $ 14.30

    Potato who? Your family is a Chachitas family.

    3 Chachitas Banana Chips
    3 Chachitas Plantain Chips
    3 Chachitas Ripe Plantain Chips

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  • Gingerholics

    $ 14.98

    If you love Jamaica, you love ginger. Start your day off right with Kendel tea before sweetening the deal with delectable ginger snacks.

    3 Ginger Bulla
    3 Ginger Biscuits
    1 Kendel Ginger Tea unsweetened
    1 Kendel Ginger Tea with sugar
    1 Kendel Ginger Tea with Mint + Sugar

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  • Kendel Product Pack

    $ 8.10

    Kendel means quality, from the teapot to the stove top.

    Kendel Ginger Tea Unsweetened
    Kendel Ginger Tea – Honey and Mint
    Kendel Ginger Tea – Sugar

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  • Sandwich Cookie Bundle

    $ 8.90

    Mix it up! Get four Duplex cookies and two of each of our other mouth-watering sandwich cookies today. All for you or share with a friend too.

    4 Duplex
    2 Vanilla
    2 Peanut Butter
    2 Strawberry

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  • Snackaholics

    $ 16.90

    Need some crunch in your munch? These traditional Jamaican goodies are the ultimate fix for snackers at any time of day.

    1 National CheeseTrix
    1 Chachitas Banana Chips
    1 Sandwich Cookie Vanilla
    1 Sandwich Cookie Strawbwerry
    1 Sandwich Cookie Peanut
    3 Duplex
    2 Ginger Biscuits
    1 National Cream Crackers
    1 Original Charlie Crackers
    1 Goldens

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  • Spice It Up

    $ 26.90

    Pot ah boil! You deserve a richly flavoured Jamaican meal prepared right there, in your own kitchen.

    Spice It Up :

    Spur Tree Jerk Seasoning
    (2) Spur Tree Crushed Scotch Bonnet Pepper Sauce
    Spur Tree Curry Seasoning
    Spur Tree Pepper Jelly
    Eaton’s Jamaican Fish Seasoning
    Eaton’s Dry Jerk Seasoning Mild
    Dry Jerk Hot
    Eaton’s Dry Oxtail Seasoning

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  • Tea for Two

    $ 17.30

    Everything you need for tea time with that special someone, your bestie…or just to have more for you (we don’t judge).

    1 National Cream Crackers
    1 Shavuot Moringa Tea
    1 Shavuot Soursop Tea
    1 Shavuot Cinnamon Tea
    1 Shavuot Soursop Moringa Tea
    1 Eaton’s Guava Jam

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