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Transport yourself to a perfect Jamaican day with just one bite of a tasty Jamaican cracker. Whether you’re a jam, hummus, cream, or cheese kind of person, our selection of authentic Jamaican crackers is bound to hit the spot.

Jamaican crackers from the motherland

Available right here in the US., stock up on the number one cream crackers in Jamaica, crunchy wheat crackers, and famous Jamaican water crackers.

Savoury Jamaican crackers make for an effortless snack option at parties, function, school, even at work. As part of a classic basil, tomato and cheese combination to an ingredient in a juicy steamed fish dish, or a sweet chocolate and strawberry treat, Jamaican cream crackers are versatile and delicious.

Tasty and delicious

Low in sugar, fat, and containing zero cholesterol, means Jamaican crackers are just as good for you as they are delightful. Enjoy a healthy treat when you choose to snack crackers from our collection instead of filling up on chips and candy. Plain or with one our sweet jams, Jamaican crackers are perfect for satisfying your afternoon cravings.

Jamaican crackers delivered to you

Order online today and receive free shipping on all orders over $50 for customers within the 48 contiguous United States. If you’re after nostalgia, there’s nothing like a Jamaican cracker to take you down memory lane.

For any questions about our range of authentic Jamaican products, contact us today. We’ve got you covered.

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