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  • Cream Crackers

    $ 2.90

    Celebrated as the original smooth, creamy tasting cracker, it holds pride of place as the number one cream cracker in Jamaica. Our cholesterol-free Cream Crackers are made for easy biting on its own or with your favourite topping.

    The possible combinations are endless and are a great effortless snack option especially when you’re hosting guests. These are great companions for a cream cheese spread and for making delicious horderves.

    Need some ideas? From basil, with tomato and cheese to a sweet treat with strawberries and chocolate – we guarantee these Cream Crackers are the ideal light and crunchy cracker. Get creative!

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  • Goldens Savoury Crackers

    $ 2.51

    Our savoury crackers will melt in your mouth, and meet the “golden” standard for snack food. Enjoy them right from the pack for something light between meals, or pair them with your favourite cheese when entertaining.

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  • Krunchaz Wheat Crackers

    $ 1.90

    Krunchaz wheat crackers are crunchy, savory, and come with a cholesterol-free guarantee. A tasty choice for dinner party appetizers, Krunchaz go great with jams, hummus, and cheese spreads.

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    $3.04 $6.08 $9.12 20%
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  • Water Crackers (300g)

    $ 2.70

    Known for their exceptional taste, the quality of our Water Crackers is unrivaled. The absence of cholesterol, sugar and fat means each delightful bite is good for you.

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