Jamaican Chutneys & Jams

Jamaican jams and jellies

If you are looking for authentic Jamaican flavors, look no further than our collection of delicious jams and jellies.

Delicious spreads from the motherland

Be instantly transported back to the Caribbean with delicious Jamaican jams and jellies for sale in the US:

  • Pepper jelly — This versatile spread is excellent for sandwiches, cheese plates, and serving with cooked meats.
  • Jamaican mango chutney — A must-have for spice lovers, our Jamaican mango chutney pairs perfectly with curry dishes.
  • Papaya chutney — Always a crowd-pleaser, this is a delicious and flavourful spread that you need for your next family event.
  • Jamaican guava jam — Want to add Jamaican flavor to your breakfast? Our guava jam is great on toast, muffins, and more!

Authentic Jamaican jelly and jam delivered in the US

Available with hassle-free delivery across the United States, ordering from A Taste of Jamaica is the best way to enjoy quality Jamaican foods. Shop our catalog of Jamaican snacks, cookies, biscuits, gift bundles, and more online today!

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