Jamaican Chutneys & Jams

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  • Eaton’s Guava Jam

    $ 3.70

    Get to spreading! Eaton’s brings true West Indian flavor to your favorite breakfast and is a must have for all jam lovers. Tastes incredible on toast, bagels and muffins for a real breakfast treat.

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  • Eaton’s Mango Chutney

    $ 3.90

    Get this spicy, all-natural chutney to bring life to curry, meat, or vegetarian dishes. Eaton’s Mango Chutney is made from carefully selected ripe Jamaican mangoes.

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  • Eaton’s Papaya Chutney

    $ 3.80

    Now, it’s a party! Become your loved ones’ favorite host by adding our papaya chutney to crackers and cheese or any meat or vegetarian dish.

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