Jamaican fruit cake mixes and more

Your favorite Jamaican pastry and fruit cake recipes, available right here in the United States. Made with love, soul, and care, our selection of Jamaican cake mixes, pastries, cookies, and biscuits have authentically mouth-watering Jamaican flavors that will transport you back to the motherland.

Sweet treats from home

Cook up some of your favorite dishes with our easy-to-make Jamaican cake mixes:

  • Fruit cake mix — Want a taste of home this holiday season? Pick up our Annilu Jamaican fruit cake mix and recreate Christmas, just like you remember. As a convenient option for enjoying traditional Jamaican flavors, there is no better way to reconnect with your Jamaican roots with this delicious and classic dessert.
  • Sweet potato pudding mix — A Jamaican delicacy, our Annilu sweet potato pudding mix is made with locally grown sweet potatoes for a genuine taste of the Caribbean. As one of our most popular Jamaican cake mixes, you can share the authentic tastes of Jamaica with your friends and family without having to leave the US.
  • Butter rum cake — Made from 100% real butter and soaked in authentic Special Jamaican Aged Rum, this is a must-have cake for anyone craving the bold flavors of the islands. One slice is never enough!
  • Coffee rum cake mix — Using freshly roasted and ground Jamaican coffee, this Jamaican delicacy is dipped in Special Jamaican Aged Rum to add a familiar flavor that will transport you home after a single bite.

Quality Jamaican cake mixes delivered in the US

Get the nostalgic taste of home delivered straight to your door when you order from A Taste of Jamaica. With free delivery options for all online orders of $50, enjoying your favorite Jamaican desserts has never been easier.

Whether you’re after authentic Jamaican snacks or are craving traditional Jamaican pastries, you can trust that every bite of our Jamaican desserts will taste like home. Shop our entire catalog of snack bundles today to get connected to classic Jamaican flavors in no time. For additional support with your online order, please feel free to contact our customer service team.

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