Jamaican fruit cake mix and pastry mix
Your favourite Jamaican fruit cake recipes, available right here in the US. Made with love, soul and care, our selection of cake mixes and pastry mixes have authentically Jamaican, mouth watering flavour that will transport you back to the motherland. 

Sweet treats from home

A Jamaican delicacy, our Annilu sweet potato pudding mix is made with locally grown sweet potatoes for a genuine taste of the Carribean, or pick up our Annilu Jamaican fruit cake mix and recreate a Christmas, just like you remember. 

Cook up a traditional Jamaican sweet potato pudding, or a sweet sticky fruit cake and bring a little taste of Jamaica to the US.

Jamaican cake mix delivered in the US

Get the delicious, nostalgic taste of home delivered straight to your door. Stock up and save! If you spend over $50 and live within the 48 contiguous United States, we will give you free shipping. Whether you’re after a sweet fruit cake mix or need to give your dish a pop of spicy chutney, you can trust that with us, every bite will taste like home. Get in touch and satisfy your cravings today!

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