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Easter Delight

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Our HTB Easter Bun is a must-have, Jamaican Easter staple, typically paired with the iconic Tastee cheese. The only thing better than finally opening your HTB bun and having the fresh, delightful and spicy aroma permeating through your home – is digging in. It’s never too late to start the festivities and share a slice or two of Easter Bun with your loved ones. There’s more than enough to go around with our family-sized loaf. So pull up your chair and kick back while taking the first bite into that soft n’ spicy slice coupled with the savory sensation of cheddar cheese. This pairing helps to highlight the nutmeggy and fruity flavours of the bun, leaving you full and satisfied. A little bit of butter on a warm bun will also make you melt into a pool of satisfaction and is great for a lighter, quick snack on the go.

(1) 35 oz HTB Easter Bun
(1) 17oz Tastee Cheese

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