Jamaican Bulla & Pear VerrineMeet the Bad and Bougie version of our traditional Jamaican Bulla and Avocado! In Jamaica, we typically refer to avocados as “pear,” which is arguably the best “pear-ing” with our Bulla. Jamaican Bulla Cake is one of our favorite soft, rich and crumbly baked goods. A bit denser than your regular cake, it can be paired with different spreads and food for a quick meal or sweet treat. Transform this iconic Jamaican treat into a titillating dessert with this recipe. Serve it at the next dinner party or keep this coveted dish to yourself as the ideal comfort food.
Festival Waffles with Cinnamon Pepper Jelly Bacon & Scrambled EggsTurn your basic breakfast into a meal with pure Jamaican vibes! Have a sweet tooth? Well then this breakfast recipe is perfect for you. Our Spur Tree Festival Mix is guaranteed to provide the fluffiest waffles so good you could eat them alone. Paired with this sweet and spicy bacon, we’d like to apologize in advance for leaving you addicted and craving more. Breakfast-Lovers Anonymous anybody?