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  • Sandwich Cookie Bundle

    $ 8.90

    Mix it up! Get four Duplex cookies and two of each of our other mouth-watering sandwich cookies today. All for you or share with a friend too.

    4 Duplex
    2 Vanilla
    2 Peanut Butter
    2 Strawberry

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  • Kendel Product Pack

    $ 8.10

    Kendel means quality, from the teapot to the stove top.

    Kendel Ginger Tea Unsweetened
    Kendel Ginger Tea – Honey and Mint
    Kendel Ginger Tea – Sugar

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  • Chachitas Product Pack

    $ 14.30

    Potato who? Your family is a Chachitas family.

    3 Chachitas Banana Chips
    3 Chachitas Plantain Chips
    3 Chachitas Ripe Plantain Chips

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  • Spice It Up

    $ 26.90

    Pot ah boil! You deserve a richly flavoured Jamaican meal prepared right there, in your own kitchen.

    Spice It Up :

    Spur Tree Jerk Seasoning
    (2) Spur Tree Crushed Scotch Bonnet Pepper Sauce
    Spur Tree Curry Seasoning
    Spur Tree Pepper Jelly
    Eaton’s Jamaican Fish Seasoning
    Eaton’s Dry Jerk Seasoning Mild
    Dry Jerk Hot
    Eaton’s Dry Oxtail Seasoning

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  • Tea for Two

    $ 17.30

    Everything you need for tea time with that special someone, your bestie…or just to have more for you (we don’t judge).

    1 National Cream Crackers
    1 Shavuot Moringa Tea
    1 Shavuot Soursop Tea
    1 Shavuot Cinnamon Tea
    1 Shavuot Soursop Moringa Tea
    1 Eaton’s Guava Jam

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  • Chachitas Banana Chips (85g)

    $ 2.20

    Lightly salted and cholesterol-free, Chachitas Banana Chips are deliciously crunchy morsels made from the finest bananas. Eat them the traditional Jamaican way, directly from the pack, whenever you need a tasty energy boost. You can also serve them to guests with your favourite dip, or add some fun to your breakfast oatmeal or granola.

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     $5.28  $10.56 $15.84 20%
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  • Eaton’s Jamaican Fish Seasoning

    $ 3.50

    Experience the true Caribbean flavor of when you marinate your seafood. Eaton’s fish seasoning will take you back to your favorite meal at your favorite beach.

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  • Annilu Fruit Cake Mix

    $ 11.10

    All of the rich flavor you know and love, None of the hassle. Each slice will remind you of Christmas in Jamaica.

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  • Kendel Instant Ginger Tea – Unsweetened

    $ 3.04

    Made solely from freshly crushed ginger root to obtain a concentrated juice. Makes a delightful drink, whether hot or cold. Benefits Of Ginger

    • Maintains Normal Blood Circulation
    • Remedies Motion Sickness
    • Improves Absorption
    • Cold and Flu Prevention
    • Combats Stomach Discomfort
    • Reduce Pain and Inflammation
    • Combats Morning Sickness
    • Strengthens Immunity
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  • Eaton’s Dry Jerk Seasoning Hot

    $ 3.50

    If you like it hot then look no further. Our authentic Jamaican jerk flavoring is all-natural, and great for use with anything from meat and veg.

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  • Charlie Coconut Biscuits

    $ 1.00

    The original Charlie biscuits, but with a tropical hint of coconut goodness to turn up the flavor! The biscuits are great for a quick snack when you’re on the go or powering through at work. Fill up, fuel up and go…that’s the Charlie Effect!

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    $2.10 $4.20 $6.30 30%
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  • Spice Bulla

    $ 2.03

    Hearken back to the good ol’ days in Jamaica with this rich, soft pastry. The delicious bulla cake, commonly referred to as just “bulla,” is for those on the go who need something filling and indulgent. Usually paired with cheese, butter, or avocado (“pear” to Jamaicans) this round cake is a Jamaican staple.

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    $4.86 $9.74/td>

    $14.58 20%
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  • Spur Tree Oxtail Seasoning

    $ 5.20

    Spur Tree Oxtail Seasoning gives you all the flavours of country cooked oxtail, with the simplest of preparation, using the finest, freshest local ingredients and a little love!

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  • Annilu Sweet Potato Pudding Mix

    $ 11.10

    Bring home the heavenly taste of Jamaican sweet potato pudding, made from locally grown potatoes, to you and your loved ones.

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  • Eaton’s Dry Jerk Seasoning Mild

    $ 3.50

    Everybody needs a little spice in their life. Our mild jerk seasoning captures the true taste of Jamaica without adding too much kick for younger members of the family.

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  • Tastee Cheese 8oz

    $ 10.00

    Tastee Cheese is a taste Jamaicans know and love worldwide. Tastee cheese is a blend of the finest cheese which gives it its unique taste. This is a must have at Easter time and enjoyed year round. Tastee Cheese is the cheese of choice for Jamaicans and is often eaten with Jamaican Spice Bun. Tastee Cheese is a nutritious and delicious product that provides vitamins and minerals to the consumer.

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